This year again, our sister company Tahiti Private Expeditions will attend the show.

Aside the opportunity to meet with superyachts coming to the South Pacific in 2013 and networking, Christelle Holler will make a presentation of Tahiti and Her Islands, itineraries and activities for charter guests and owners, highlighting diving and underwater activities.

This presentation will be hosted on S/Y Hemisphere and arranged with Burgess Yachts to a large audience of dedicated professionals in the industry.

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy 2012. May it be filled with great adventures! We also take this opportunity to thank those of you who contributed one way or the other to make Tahiti Private Expeditions an even greater dive experience in Tahiti and in other locations around the world. All the team is very much looking forward to carrying on working with you and exploring exciting new dive areas! We are pleased to share with you some of our special 2011 moments.

Recent dive highlights

Between September and the end of the year, we led and filmed yacht expeditions in the Tuamotu archipelago but also in Fiji and in Baja California, Mexico diving with great white sharks, sea lions, whale sharks and sperm whales. We also joined the Undersea Hunter in Cocos island, Costa Rica using the amazing Argo submarine for deep sea discovery (down to 300 meters) and rebreather diving with the great hammerhead sharks. This year is taking us exploring New Caledonia further and bringing our dive expertise there to our clients but also to Galapagos and Cocos again. Tahiti Private Expeditions is also M/Y Mary Jean's preferred private guide of choice for her charters.

For any information or questions about these destinations, please contact us

GOPR0096  IMG_8131  IMG_8718

Baja California, Mexico

IMG_9402  IMG_9801  IMG_9729

Charter in Cocos island, Costa Rica

Boat shows

During the event of the Auckland Boat Show in September, New Zealand Marine invited Tahiti Private Expeditions to present the marine wildlife and the diving in the South Pacific region toP1030067 a large audience of superyachts captains and professionals.

Both the Monaco Yacht Show and the Antigua Charter Show were, as every other year, an excellent means of catching up with the industry professionals and assessing market developments and trends. We took the opportunity in Antigua to participate in a South Pacific destination presentation together with Yacht Help Fiji, 37 South and Tahiti Ocean onboard MY Sherakhan. Tahiti Private Expeditions had prepared a joint presentation with the yacht agent Tahiti Ocean in front of 40 professionals. The presentation is available upon request. We thank all the attendees for their interest and questions but also Tom Debuse of YCO for having assisted in finding the perfect venue for the event.

Press and familiarisation trips

Sea_Wolf_enjoy_the_lagoonTahiti Tourisme, the local tourism board, arranged trips with industry leaders to promote the destination and create an awareness of the country's assets for superyachts. We took part in the organisation of these trips between October and November by bringing our expertise for a dive feature onboard MY Seawolf in the Tuamotu atolls for Boat International (article published in February).  We also contributed to a couple of press and fam trips involving Yachts International, Asia Pacific Boating and Yachting Russia. Yachting Russia had already published an article in Russian in September about swimming with humpback whales in Moorea written by Ch Holler. Professionals from CNI, YPI and Burgess Yachts were invited for the fam trip. Both trips involved discovering Tahiti and its culture, its yacht services, experiencing high end resorts in Bora Bora and its lagoon as well as in Moorea aboard M/Y Ultimate Lady and M/Y Haumana. Private diving and snorkelling sessions were part of the global experience combined with an interactive lecture about the local marine wildlife and conservation actions.
(Photo: M/Y Seawolf in Fakarava with Boat International)

Photo exhibit and charity

Shark_Photo_ExhibitBeing always dedicated to marine conservation issues, Tahiti Private Expeditions donated photos to The Shark Truth non-profit organisation in Vancouver BC to build educational materials for the local Chinese community in order to raise awareness about the threats facing sharks and ban shark fin soup.

Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute China's Roots & Shoots Beijing programme teamed up with the Beijing Zoo from August to December 2011 to promote shark protection with a photo exhibit that showcases these magnificent creatures. Tahiti Private Expeditions donated shark photos for use during the event. One of them was selected as the support material to advertise the event.

Spending most of our time so close to the ocean, we are dedicated to contribute more in 2012 to shark conservation actions and to the non-profit organisation 'Yacht Aid Global'. 


July and August are definitely the busiest months of the year for the local superyacht industry in Tahiti. While a large part of the 60 vessels visiting our islands each year is here now, it is also a time to unveil new cruising and diving grounds to most of them. We are also pleased to say that some of these yachts will be based here for charter long term or plan to return early next year. Thus, Tahiti will have several yachts on offer for charter year round, all fully equiped for dive expeditions. The destination is developing while remaining a haven of tranquility.

Marine wildlife highlights of the season

IMG_7491End of June and most of July are the best time of the year to dive the South Pass of Fakarava atoll (North East of Tahiti island). While Fakarava is part of a UNESCO biosphere reserve along with 4 other surrounding atolls, the South Pass hosts a yearly incredible encounter. Thousands of groupers come in the pass to breed. While a frenzy is naturally happening, some sharks make the most of the situation and feed, totally unaware of the divers watching the scene. The ideal time to witness such a spectacular scene while diving is around full moon.

IMG_8787The first humpback whales have been spotted around the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. Their yearly 6,000 km / 3,500 miles journey from the Antarctic is leading them to French Polynesia to breed and give birth close to the shores of our islands. Tahiti and her islands have been a sanctuary for marine mammals since 2002. They are therefore protected and whale watching is regulated by law. However, when performed with a professional and if the conditions allow, swimming with the whales is possible and offers a once in a life time experience. All it takes is patience to find the perfect time and your snorkeling gear to join the whales in the water!                                           

Charity event

Tahiti Private Expeditions is pleased to have brought its contribution to the American Cancer Society yearly event during the Cattle Baron Ball in Texas on 15th October. Together with  a few partners including Fraser Yachts, Tahiti Tourisme and the Moorea based charter yacht M/Y Askari, the company is offering a diving session in an auction package consisting of a trip to Tahiti in a local resort and on Askari. The dive team will bring its expertise to ensure the guests, winners of the package, discover the beautiful South Sea marine life for a day while on the yacht.

Ocean conservation

Shark_DefendersOur company is very involved in ocean conservation, especially in that of the sharks, which are critally endangered worldwide. Our team makes a point in bringing our clients awareness about the challenges these animals are facing and the threats for the ecosystem. Therefore, we have proudly donated 40 shark pictures to Shark Defenders and the non profit organisation PEW Conservation Trusts in order to use them as a communication support and as part of their educational material. One of these photos is currently exhibited at the University of Beijing, China. The purpose of the exhibition is to educate the Chinese people about the ocean, marine sustainebility  and shark conservation. Several thousands visitors are expected.

Other photos will be donated for similar purposes to the Coral Reef Alliance in the USA to support their conservation actions on worldwide reefs. One of our oceanic whitetip shark pictures will be featured in their 2012 calendar.

As a reminder, Tahiti has been the first country worldwide to protect its sharks in 2006.

For more information on these organizations: www.coral.org / www.PewSharks.org 

New Caledonia

Although this was not a first trip there for our team, Tahiti Private Expeditions explored the largest lagoon in the world on a 50 meter yacht in May and June. It is one of the must dive destinations to visit during a South Pacific tour although not viewed yet as a superyacht area in the industry. The Loyalty islands north east of the main island are untouched and the marine fauna is absolutely unspoiled. However, a cruise to New Caledonia requires some good preparation and knowledge to fully enjoy, mostly due to cultural and traditional aspects in various places of the country. Should you plan a trip there, we will be pleased to assist in setting up the itinerary and providing you with a knowledgeable and professional dive guide according to the same exclusive standards set for our services in Tahiti.

Our video and photo galleries feature some of our encounters...


Forthcoming overseas trip

Baja California and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, will be Tahiti Private Expeditions' next exploration. Shark lovers will be looking forward to our next newsletter dealing with great white shark encounters in Guadalupe island! Stay tuned...


This newsletter will be published quarterly and will provide you with short and practical information about Tahiti Private Expeditions latest events. As we wanted to share our passion with you more regularly, we recently also joined Facebook so you can follow up on our current activities either via Facebook or our website.
Any comments or feedback are more than welcome on both new communication media!

A new way of exploring the underwater world.

recycleur rduitA couple of years ago, we started offering our clients the option of experiencing diving in a different manner. Diving with a rebreather involves that the diver makes no bubbles and breathe enriched air in O2 (Nitrox) most of the time. Around our islands where marine life is abundant and diversified, it is an amazing way to feel like a fish with no bubble noise around you. Once divers get used to these new sensations, they usually become addicted! Tahiti, given the warmth of the water and excellent visibility year round, is the perfect place to give a try to rebreather diving. This is not only restricted to keen divers but also to anyone who would like to see more wildlife and enjoy longer dives.
Given the success of rebreather diving with our clients on the superyachts, we have just acquired a third machine to allow more people to enjoy it. Our guides are certified instructors and a PADI certification is available.
Have a look at the Video Gallery and watch the "Tuamotu and rebreather" mini-clip to have an idea of what is awaiting you.


A promising season ahead.

The South Pacific is attracting more and more yachts every year. Tahiti will welcome some prestigious yachts over the Summer. Our 118 islands are perfect cruising grounds for yacht owners or charter clients interested in secluded, untouched areas. The country is among the safest in the world and marine conservation is a governmental priority.

img_4634 maupiti tender rtrci tahaa rtrci bullish rduit

International Superyacht Society

For the second year, Tahiti Private Expeditions has proudly joined the ISS to keep in touch with the rest of the industry and follow up on the latest yachting developments.

Tahiti Private Expeditions overseas...

We are continuing expanding our exclusive dive services to other parts of the world. Coming ahead: Bahamas, New Caledonia, Guadalupe Island and Baja California in Mexico with some of our repeat clients. We assist them in the organization of their trip, identify a local guide / dive shops when necessary and arrange the diving activity throughout the cruise. Our services also include HD filming during the trip and editing of a 100% customized DVD / BluRay movie for the guests.


Galapagos, December 2010 - January 2011

Over the past few years, our services have been requested in other areas of the South Pacific to guide and film our clients during their trip. This involved Vanuatu, Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. lll

Since last year, part of the team has started traveling more to new destinations such as Tonga, Fiji, the Bahamas, the Carribean, the Maldives, Cocos Island and the famous world diving Galapagos archipelago.

2011 will be no different and our exclusive services on the superyachts will take us back to the Bahamas on a couple of occasions but also to New Caledonia, Guadalupe island for rare and amazing new marine wildlife encounters like great white sharks, and diving with the Giant squid in the sea of Cortese.

Of course, our favorite playground remains Tahiti and her islands where the development of rebreather diving with our clients is really taking off!