Newsletter April - June 2011

This newsletter will be published quarterly and will provide you with short and practical information about Tahiti Private Expeditions latest events. As we wanted to share our passion with you more regularly, we recently also joined Facebook so you can follow up on our current activities either via Facebook or our website.
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A new way of exploring the underwater world.

recycleur rduitA couple of years ago, we started offering our clients the option of experiencing diving in a different manner. Diving with a rebreather involves that the diver makes no bubbles and breathe enriched air in O2 (Nitrox) most of the time. Around our islands where marine life is abundant and diversified, it is an amazing way to feel like a fish with no bubble noise around you. Once divers get used to these new sensations, they usually become addicted! Tahiti, given the warmth of the water and excellent visibility year round, is the perfect place to give a try to rebreather diving. This is not only restricted to keen divers but also to anyone who would like to see more wildlife and enjoy longer dives.
Given the success of rebreather diving with our clients on the superyachts, we have just acquired a third machine to allow more people to enjoy it. Our guides are certified instructors and a PADI certification is available.
Have a look at the Video Gallery and watch the "Tuamotu and rebreather" mini-clip to have an idea of what is awaiting you.


A promising season ahead.

The South Pacific is attracting more and more yachts every year. Tahiti will welcome some prestigious yachts over the Summer. Our 118 islands are perfect cruising grounds for yacht owners or charter clients interested in secluded, untouched areas. The country is among the safest in the world and marine conservation is a governmental priority.

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International Superyacht Society

For the second year, Tahiti Private Expeditions has proudly joined the ISS to keep in touch with the rest of the industry and follow up on the latest yachting developments.

Tahiti Private Expeditions overseas...

We are continuing expanding our exclusive dive services to other parts of the world. Coming ahead: Bahamas, New Caledonia, Guadalupe Island and Baja California in Mexico with some of our repeat clients. We assist them in the organization of their trip, identify a local guide / dive shops when necessary and arrange the diving activity throughout the cruise. Our services also include HD filming during the trip and editing of a 100% customized DVD / BluRay movie for the guests.


Galapagos, December 2010 - January 2011