All about us - October 2015


Greetings from Tahiti and Fiji!

As we are getting close to the end of the year and just around the corner of two main boat shows, it is high time to share our 2015 news with you and keep you updated on our dive expeditions with our superyacht clients. A lot has happened from cruising fabulous destinations to improving our video and dive technologies to always go beyond our clients' expectations.

Thank you  as always for your continuous support and enthusiasm!

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The finest dive sites while on a Superyacht

Having been specialized in Superyacht diving adventures for nearly a decade, customizing trips to meet our clients' requests anywhere in the world, the team in 2015 joined yacht owners in locations such as  Raja Ampat, Cocos Island, Mexico, New Zealand, Belize and of course, unique Galapagos islands offering our dive guests a memorable experience in rare parts of the globe. Rodolphe Holler explains "Superyachts can travel to the most remote and exciting places and offer an opportunity to discover parts of the oceans that very few of us can access. This is where we bring our expertise ensuring that the adventure will be above any expectation." 

Discover Galapagos through this film.

Discover Fiji: a must-dive destination

Fiji is definitely on the map of the best dives in the South Pacific. With its friendly people, a strong Melanesian culture and healthy reefs, it is the perfect dive addition to a Tahiti experience. Where Tahiti features varied pelagic encounters, Fiji hosts colorful corals with spectacular macro-life. Given the increasing demand of our clients to dive the destination, Superyacht Private Expeditions Fiji started operating a few months ago offering state-of-the art diving specialized for Superyachts matching those which made TPE successful.

Continuously ahead with new technologies

TPE and SPE both switched from HD to digital 4K video technologies to keep on improving the quality of footage when making films during guests' trips which is one of the highlights of our stay on a yacht.

TPE added the 360° immersive video system to its services a year ago. We were the first local company to believe in a concept that receives growing interest everywhere as it allows interactive virtual visits of places both underwater and on land. R Holler believes that "with the new focus of social media for this new technology, the 360° immersive video technique is going to become huge and will open doors to new development opportunities. Viewers become part of the video as they are watching it". 

Last but not least, we upgraded our rebreather units and now use the AP Diving Evolution dive system, which our guests rate as friendly and increased breathing comfort. All this with the support of a new semi-inflatable 24ft tender, perfectly suited to explore the Islands of Tahiti. After having cruised the Society Islands and Tuamotu, the boat is taking part in a beautiful humpback whale season this year.

2016 New Zealand Millennium Cup

The opening of NZ Millennium Cup 2016 sponsorship applications has been met with resounding uptake from key international and local brands seeking limited patronage opportunities. Initial entry applications hint this will be the largest fleet seen racing in comparison to recent previous years and with international media giants The Superyacht Owner and Ocean Media on board, the idyllic Bay of Islands will anchor global gaze.

Dubois-designed vessels, including Janice of Wyoming and Silvertip have confirmed they will be returning to compete in the 2016 regatta, alongside new entries Kealoha, Tarewa and more. 

“We are coming back this year with the same crew and we have our eyes on a podium finish” says Chris Wilson, Janice of Wyoming’s captain. “It’s competitive but all about having a blast with a great group of people.”  “We are looking forward to the coastal race and seeing some new competitors as well as some old rivals” adds Silvertip captain Blair MacLeod. “We love the competition and the chance to line up against similar equipment and sail the boats as hard as we can.”

Superyacht Private Expeditions took part in the Cup this year onboard winner SY Silencio, filming and photo shooting the boat through the race. Have a look to experience this fabulous regatta down under!


All photos: R Holler