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Our company specializes in customized dive and snorkeling expeditions for superyacht and megayacht clients exclusively. Our team of private live-aboard dive / snorkel guides will enable you and your guests to experience a very unique and unforgettable vacation.

Whatever the dive destination, a well-defined dive itinerary is the key to a memorable underwater experience on a superyacht. Not only will we take into account the length of your guests stay and experience but also your guests’ expectations. We always ensure that we dive the right places at the right time in order to make the most of special marine encounters. Timing of the seasons is an important factor when you wish to encounter species of greatest interest. For example, in Tahiti, whales are seen between July and October.

Our company is based in French Polynesia, which is one of our favorite underwater playgrounds. We have an excellent knowledge of the country's 118 islands which covers an area as large as Western Europe! 1% is land versus 99% ocean. This area offers some of the best diving worldwide.

Our expertise in arranging dive expeditions for superyacht clients has also taken us to many other dive destinations in the world over the years, and we can assist with any dive / destination request for any yacht.  

Tahiti Private Expeditions offer the following services – all of them will be customized to match clients' expectations:

  • Private scuba diving  / introduction to scuba diving and certifcation (PADI and European CEDIP - ANMP) 
  • Professional HD video and customized editing - Film of a yacht trip is shown to the clients on the last day of their trip and the film file is provided on a USD memory stick.
  • Technical diving: rebreather diving in semi-closed and closed circuit / introduction and certification
  • Consultancy services and itinerary planning to prepare a yacht's dive trip anywhere in the world
  • Whale & dolphin watching (the company holds a mandatory government licence to carry out this activity)
  • Organization of special and unique encounters such as pelagic predators (tiger sharks...)
  • Presentation of the local marine wildlife by a local marine biologist and illustrated with 4K quality videos 
  • Professional film making of the trip (customized 4K quality movie including diving but also any other activities during the cruise)
  • Professional underwater photography
  • Aerial filming using a drone
  • 360° immersive video and editing - virtual reality
  • Professional expertise / consultancy on the choice of a customized yacht dive outfitting.

For safety purposes and peace of mind, our dive guides are all equipped with a Nautilus Lifeline tracking device (marine rescue radio with GPS for diving).


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