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Captain Raymond Heer, M/Y Angiamo

3rd September 2018

The first time that I met Rodolphe was in Moorea, 12 years ago. His operation in Tahiti was in its infancy.

It was a little bit early in the season to be looking for whales. In addition to this, the sea was still a little bit lumpy, after the storm, the previous day.

Neptune was not favoring whale watchers that day.

We had guests to please and time was not on our side, so we chose to head out to sea, anyway. No sooner had Rodolphe lowered his hydrophone into the water than we heard the whales. Before we knew it we were free diving with the mother and calf.

By the end of the day, we had multiple encounters with numerous whales. We returned to our anchorage extremely satisfied with the day's activity.

Rodolphe stayed with us for a few more days. The one thing that was apparent was that his enthusiasm for the ocean is very real. it is because of this enthusiasm that I consider him to be such an excellent guide. In the thirty year that I have travelled around the globe, I have only met a handful of guides that I would consider to be in the "truly excellent" category. Rodolphe is without a doubt a member of that club.

Now, twelve years later we returned to French Polynesia.

Rodolphe and his wife, Christelle, have grown the operation. Christelle quietly and efficiently manages everything. They employ more guides now and service many yachts in the peak season. We had the pleasure of working with Rodolphe and two of his guides on this trip.

The guides are good and the operation is slick. As a team, they still provide a world class experience, great itineraries and the exact information a captain needs to be able to offer guests an unforgettable cruise. Their knowledge of the region is unsurpassed.

It is without any hesitation that I can recommend Tahiti Private Expeditions and I look forward to my next trip to Tahiti to be able to get into the water with the crew, again.


Alex Saywell, Chief Officer M/Y Vava 2

15th January 2018

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for your advice and assistance before and during the trip, the guests thoroughly enjoyed the diving and this is down to the professionalism & assistance in planning and execution.  I hope the experience has wet the appetite for the trips ahead.


Captain Piot Rachalewski, M/Y Dardanella

7th September 2016

I have to recommend Rodolphe Holler from Tahiti Private Expeditions for anyone that is looking for a dive and whale encounter guide in French Polynesia.

I spent 5 weeks with Rodolphe and another one of his guides on 3 different trips.

We get guides everywhere we go, but I feel this outfit is a cut WAY above the rest.


Captain Gareth Sheppard, M/Y The Big Blue

3rd January 2014

The Owners, Guests and Crew had the pleasure of utilizing the experience and friendliness of one of Tahiti Private Expeditions' guides, Vincent, during our time in French Polynesia.

I have worked with Rodolphe and Christelle in the past and it was an easy choice of who to use in French Polynesia for dive guides. Ask anyone who has sailed through this beautiful part of the world and Rodolphe's name will pop up as a recommendation.

From the first point of contact there is a free flow of valuable information to help make any trip an easy one to manage.

Once Vincent was onboard he immediately put at rest the many questions from the owners and guests and his calm demeanor spread throughout all onboard as we submerged into controlled dives with the thrill of what the Tuamotus has to offer.

I confidently recommend using a guide through Tahiti Private Expeditions to maximize your time and experience in French Polynesia.


Captain Elmar Blaauw, M/Y Unbridled

14th March 2013
To whom it may concern

We had great pleasure working with the team of Tahiti Private Expeditions throughout our 6 month stay in Tahiti and her Islands in 2012. Not only did they provide us with excellent planning and itinerary suggestions matching our guests' expectations for both private and charter cruises but they were also able to bring their expertise of each island, even the most remote ones and allow the guests to dive at the best times allowing them to encounter as much wildlife as possible such as humpback whales and tiger sharks. Their knowledge in marine biology  brought a very good added-value for the guests.

Their range of services also includes technical diving. MY Unbridled is specialized in rebreather diving and Tahiti Private Expeditions' technical knowledge, again, was excellent. All dives were arranged with rebreathers in coordination with our dive specialist onboard.

Throughout the various trips, Rodolphe and his team filmed our adventures both under the water and on land during the various activities organized for our guests. The result on each occasion was an absolute success, showing the guests the film of their trip on the last evening of the cruise. This is a great way for them to keep those wonderful memories alive!

Overall, using the various services of Tahiti Private Expeditions has allowed us to ensure that we were going to the right places at the right time but has also allowed our guests to experience the best dives and cruises. Given our satisfaction and their understanding of our expectations, we have decided to carry on working with Rodolphe and his team throughout 2013 for the rest of our Pacific tour.

Please feel free to contact me for further comment.

Yours sincerely


Owner, M/Y Mary Jean

New Caledonia was the second time we have had divers from Tahiti Private Expeditions (TPE) on board Mary Jean guiding and diving with us. Previous charter guests have used them very successfully as well.  

TPE’s divers have been gracious and had great fun with our guests .  But they also have been patient,  expert, dive instructors for our ‘newbies’, getting many of them certified.  But the greatest value is in the knowledge TPE brings on board in choosing the dive sites and the natural events to observe and the video and editing equipment they use for recording our underwater adventures. The final ‘trip’ videos are edited with great elan and good humor and will be lifetime mementos of very special times with our family and friends.  Already we are looking forward to free diving with TPE and the whales off Tahiti in September and October.  And for the women on board, the TPE divers have a certain French appeal!

February 1st. 2012




Captain David Beharrell, M/Y Helios

22nd October 2007

To whom it might concern:

This is a reference for Rodolphe Holler who was employed as a Dive Guide and Naturalist On Helios a 194ft Motor Yacht for our 6 week summer trip 2007 in French Polynesia.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rodolphe as live aboard dive guide. Rodolphe is very knowledgeable on the dive sites and the attractions that would be found at each site, his videography will provide you with HD quality memories of your dives. As a Marine Biologist he was always willing to discuss and explain the Ocean and its creatures with guests and crew.

Rodolphe was a great source of information for trip planning and guests shore based activates and local logistical problems. Rodolphe was also very keen to help out on deck with all guest activates snorkeling ETC, crew duties from Tenders to wash downs.

Roldolphe was a much liked on board by both guests and crew and we will use him on our next visit and if you have any further questions I would happily provide you with a verbal reference.

Yours truly,

David Beharrell
Captain M/Y Helios
+1 954 643 5434



Captain Mark Edmiston, SY Cavu

4th December, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

Rodolphe Holler joined Cavu as dive guide/instructor for our guests in October and November 2007. Starting the trip in the Tuamotu’s and finishing in the Society Islands.

Rodolphe’s easy going character made the time he spent on board an enjoyable experience for guests and crew. He was always friendly and his good sense of humour blended well with everyone.

Rodolphe’s extensive experience and knowledge of Tahiti and her islands was invaluable to the guests for their diving experience. His professionalism was apparent in dealing with the guests and their individual levels of diving experience. The new divers that were certified while on board found Rodolphe to be very patient encouraging and safe.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rodolphe as your diving guide/instructor and believe he would be an important asset to any trip in French Polynesia. Every dive was excellent. As for the DVD he made, that was great!!

Mark Edmiston
SY Cavu


Captain John Thomas, M/Y Sorcha

April 2006

I, Captain John Thomas, aboard M/Y Sorcha, certify that Rodolphe Holler worked with us during our trip to the Tuamotu and the Society Islands in September of 2006 for a couple of weeks.

Rodolphe, thanks to his wide knowledge and long experience of Tahiti and her islands, has proved to be an excellent guide both in terms of scuba diving, snorkeling and whale watching. Through his interpersonal skills, Rodolphe has the ability to adapt to any type of diver/snorkeler and to provide excellent advice of the best spots to visit. His ability to work with crew members was greatly appreciated. He was a team player and myself as captain and Mr. & Mrs. Morean owners, truly enjoyed having him aboard “Sorcha”.

We look forward to diving with him in the future. Without hesitation I would strongly recommend Rodolphe Holler to any captain or yacht owner that is looking for a great dive guide in French Polynesia.

Thank you


Captain Chris Kennedy, M/V “BULLISH”

Just thought you might like to hear that we were extremely pleased with your Guiding services this past season in the Tuamotus. Your knowledge of the marine biology surpassed any guides we have used thus far, it was a pleasure to actually learn about the marine life we are looking at rather than just looking and not understanding more with each dive. Your ability to find the sea life and catch the tides at the right time enhanced our diving greatly. The owner of this boat is quite an experienced diver and he commented that this season may have been his best yet ! so keep up the good work.

We loved all of your many amazing photographs.

Thank you


Captain Jason Langford, MY Maverick

September 3, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,


Maverick arrived in Tahiti in September 2005 and due to injury we were without a deckhand for the upcoming month long Owner’s trip. On the advice of several boats in the Marina it was arranged for Rodolphe to spend a month onboard Maverick as dive guide/deckhand.

Rodolphe’s local knowledge assisted my trip planning greatly and his contacts throughout French Polynesia gave our Owners an insight to island life than they otherwise would not have experienced.

Rodolphe was flexible and always prepared to pitch in. He established a good rapport with all our crew members and we have become friends with Rodolphe and his wife. His knowledge of the local dive sites and conditions, passion for his environment and underwater awareness were second to none.

Rodolphe is also a very talented photographer and assisted us in getting some classic photos both above and below the water.
Without question I would recommend any captain to have Rodolphe onboard as a dive guide.

For any questions or a verbal reference, please email the undersigned at captain@my-maverick.com

Yours truly,

Jason Langford
Captain, MY Maverick



P.A.D.I. Course Director #6025060
Dive Officer, M.Y. Octopus

October 9th 2006

To Whom it May Concern :

I met Rodolphe in November 2005 after a guest trip in Tahiti and through this meeting decided to employ him as our local dive guide the next time we visited the Tuamotus, French Polynesia in April this year.

I have dived the Tuamotus several times in the past with the yachts owner but due to Rodolphe’s knowledge of the locations and dive sites as well as his truly pleasant company and demeanor we had an even better dive experience this time than on our previous visits.

Rodolphe is not only excellent in the water, particularly with the resident schools of sharks that are common on many of the sites but also has extensive knowledge of marine mammals including whales and dolphins. His short informative and interesting presentations on these creatures are a great bonus for crew as well as guests.

I have been employing local dive guides in remote locations around the world for over three years as well as previously managing some of the largest and most well respected dive centers in the Cayman Islands, the Egyptian Red Sea and Bermuda. Rodolphe is without a doubt and accomplished under water guide, but what makes him such a good person to have onboard is that nothing is too much trouble for him, from setting up equipment to washing the tender after its use or assisting the deck team in detailing the yacht, he is extremely hard working and keen to assist in any way possible.

Please, do not hesitate in contacting me to for additional information or to discuss Rodolphe’s performance onboard M.Y. Octopus.




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