In an effort to give back to our oceans, YachtAid Global and Tahiti Private Expeditions have partnered up to provide an immersive and educational experience for both yacht owners,and yacht charter clients alike, focusing on the conservation of critical migration corridors for sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and billfish along routes.

These corridors play a critical role in the migration of these species as they seek to reach new feeding grounds and protected pupping areas.

Find out more about Operation Swimway here:

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Rodolphe Holler, winner of the 2nd prize in the “Expert Potography” category of the Galathea Underwater Festival in France.

Festival Galathea 2022 – Le palmarès du concours photo


Rodolphe Holler, winner of the 2nd prize in the Experts category of the photo contest of the Galathea International Underwater Festival.

This picture was taken in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia on a shipwreck sunk by the Japanese during WW2.


#METSTRADE begins today in Amsterdam. If you’re exhibiting or attending, we wish you an enjoyable and rewarding event! It’s an excellent opportunity to discover innovative global products for the #leisuremarine industry, like our NZ-designed and manufactured #BoxfishROV. Tested in the extremes of Antarctica and depth-rated for 1000m, its rugged, portable, and user-friendly design makes it ideal for expedition #superyacht missions. Learn more on our website:

📷 Photo Credit: Antarctica – Regina Eisert TPAonIce ; Tahiti – Tahiti Private Expeditions

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MASSIVE WIN FOR SHARKS at CITES today! 🎉🦈 The requiem sharks proposal passed, listing 54 endangered or critically endangered shark species (19, plus 35 lookalikes) under CITES Appendix II. This provides requiem sharks—who are sought after for their meat and fins—better protections from international trade.

A HUGE thank you to the government of Panama, Wildlife Conservation Society, Humane Society International, and all who were pivotal in making this listing happen!


FLIBS 2022
Catching up with all industry friends!

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Mesh nets and drumlines used by “shark mitigation programs” make NO impact on human safety, but negatively impact the marine ecosystem and provide beachgoers with a false sense of security.

Join the #NetsOutNow movement and help STOP this. Go to and watch Envoy: Shark Cull to learn more!

Artwork by the talented Sharktopia.


Fiji lies within the South Pacific region and is often referred to as the next destination in a superyacht programme after French Polynesia.
And rightly, a part of Melanesia, Fiji offers unmatched sceneries, cultural experiences and dive adventures.
Every trip in the island nation is unmatched showing the wide diversity of our incredible preserved region.
Just back from a dive cruise where we explored new fascinating underwater areas.

Thank you #syguillemot and owner for their continuous trust.

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@rodolpheholler photos


Our years of expertise diving and exploring our region, our understanding of each guest’s expectations allow us to work with our clients on custom itineraries through the various archipelagoes of French Polynesia, using our own wide photo and video database of the various areas to be visited to reflect the experience to come.
Available in a digital version, they are easy to access even when on a yacht during a crossing with limited internet.