Flying over beautiful French Polynesia…
Often part of our job when making a film for our yacht clients, this gives us the opportunity to capture a destination’s dimension.

Tahiti Nui Helicopters
Motoryacht SuRi


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Look for the pygmy seahorse!
A few days ago was national seahorse day in the US.
We couldn’t resist posting one of the cutest but also the tiniest of its kind, a master in the art of camouflage. This miniature creature is invisible to its predators on the seafan it lives on.

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Photo Rodolphe Holler


When nature asks you to stop and take the time to enjoy what’s around you…
Throw back to one of our trips in Galapagos. The ranger was this little guy that day!

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Photo @rodolpheholler


Celebrating this year 15 years of adventures and dive exploration in Tahiti, the South Pacific and beyond with the most incredible clients and vessels.

This video is also in memory of Rodolphe Holler’s Dad who inspired him and taught him diving at a very early age.


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