Sharing our experience on yachts and conservation in this article. Throw back as we have moved further in our efforts for conservation awareness since, offering incredible opportunities for our clients to participate in research for a sustainable ocean with YachtAid Global

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Why learn about ocean conservation on land when you could be experiencing it all first-hand on the water?

Hands-on learning on a superyacht – Superyacht Life


Expedition mode: diving & filming in Cocos island – it never disappoints and each time, it gets more exciting than the time before.

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Delighted to be a partner in French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Over the past 17 years, YachtAid Global has worked with yachts for humanitarian aid and ocean conservation.

The sustainability and future of oceans and coastal communities are critical to the future of our planet. This year YachtAid Global is approaching 17 years of providing humanitarian and conservation aid acrossVoir plus global coastal communities. In collaboration with over 300 yachts across more than 250 projects, we proudly reflect on what the yachting community has accomplished. Yet it feels like we’re just getting started – there’s so much more that can be done to save lives, alleviate suffering, and protect the ocean and marine life for future generations, and for the future of yachting itself.

Working together towards common goals – all our efforts and resources add up. From rebuilding homes destroyed by a cyclone in Fiji, teaching sailing & swimming to the youth of the Galapagos, providing disaster relief aid to refugees across Ukraine’s coastal region and beyond, to accelerating the conservation of swimways, protection of seamounts, and expansion of mangrove forests – each initiative adds to the next one. Each effort makes the world a better place.

Although our team at YachtAid Global is fueled by compassionate and accomplished volunteers and professionals, we are only able to do what we do because of the ongoing support of our donors and yacht crews. Thank you for your support and collaboration on the journey to making the world a better place.

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Tahiti Private Expeditions


Definitely worth a read to understand more about shark behaviour through the research of scientists Eric Clua and Carl Meyer.


New Thinking on Why Sharks Bite People


Yesterday made History for ocean conservation worldwide.

The High Seas Treaty places 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, aiming to safeguard and recuperate marine nature.

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Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks


The High Seas Treaty – Over the weekend, a huge step was taken with the signing of this historic agreement.

Two thirds of the worlds oceans are currently considered international waters, and until now, only 1% of these waters, known as high seas, were being protected.

This agreement, that has been in negotiations for the last decade, aims to protect 30% of the worlds seas by 2030. The last international agreement on ocean protection was signed over 40 years ago in 1982.

Many steps remain before this treaty can be implemented, as countries will now have to formally adopt it, but this is a great first step towards protecting our oceans, their eco-systems and the inhabited marine life.

📸: Tahiti Private Expeditions

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