“When the buying stops, the killing can, too.”
Say “NO”
Tusks are chopped, horns are sliced, fins cut off, teeth slashed and the heads of hornbills hacked off clean. Like many consumer markets – trade in wildlife and wildlife products has been shifting online.Voir plus TRAFFIC’s monitoring of 31 websites and e-commerce platforms in Asia between 2012 and 2015 found that ivory was the most-advertised wildlife product (60% 😮), while rhino horns and other associates products were the second most-traded (20%). Say No To:
🛑 Ivory products
🛑 Helmeted hornbill products
🛑 Rhino horns
🛑 Shark fins
🛑 Tiger products #ReactAgainstWildlifeTrade
#WildlifeTrade #worthmorealive #saynotopoaching #endangered #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo