#BlueEconomy: Did you know that the ocean naturally provides around 25% of the solutions to global warming?

Photo and words by @cristinamittermeier // “From economies to ecosystems and from industry toVoir plus biodiversity, we are all connected. I invite you to consider a new vision for our world—one where all stakeholders across society will come together to hold wild species and places sacred—to keep them untouched so they can remain wild and perform the functions necessary for life to exist. From the absorption of carbon dioxide and the creation of oxygen to the buffering of threats, like climate change and disease, these wild places in the ocean and on land will be critical to sustain all life on Earth.”

Read more about how ocean finance can help us effectively address climate change in Cristina’s foreword for @UNEPFinanceInitiative’s “Diving Deep: Finance, Ocean Pollution, and Coastal Resilience” available at: https://www.unepfi.org/publications/diving-deep/.

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