Shockingly, a controversial shark-killing tournament was allowed to take place over the weekend in #Jupiter, #Florida. This, despite the valiant efforts of #OneProtest and its petition to stop the hunt thatVoir plus garnered close to 150,000 signatures in a matter of days. The dreaded so-called “contest” is over but the fury over it continues. 💔🦈 Reportedly, 54 boats full of fisherman participated in the travesty which resulted in the deaths of at least nine sharks, with the largest weighing in at 397lbs. An estimated 100 to 125 #sharks were also believed to be caught and released. Jason Barquin, under his newly formed company, Warbird Tournaments LLC., hosted the appalling event that cost a $100 entry fee per boat. “In a horrific display, they killed sharks not for sustenance but for trophies and “fun,” OneProtest – An Advocacy Organization shared on its Facebook page. “They then brought the lifeless bodies to a weigh-in station and used chainsaws and knives to chop them up and cut out their jaws for a trophy.” 💔🦈 READ MORE: 🌍👉 WorldAnimalNews.com #WorldAnimalNews #Peace4Animals

Nine Sharks Were Slaughtered & Over 100 Others Caught During Horrific Shark Killing “Contest” In Jupiter, Florida – World Animal News